Look Back 2022, Before Saying Goodbye

2022 is a year of self-discovery for both of us. We have had a crazy eventful year and we think it ends in a positive way – at least we’ve decided on that. This year we are juggling a little more as both Joe and I have a lot more commitment in our life at the moment. In the earlier part of the year, we search for it, while later on, we try to make them work! Being a part-time blogger wasn’t always easy but it gave us fulfillment in doing things that we love. We get out of the kitchen a little more than in the last two years when we are confined in the house. So let’s run through the year together!

When adventure becomes part of our life

Recording our lives through photography and journalling has been a very big part of our life. As you could never imagine how much one person changes until you have something to look back on it. At the start of the year we have slightly more time for ourselves and Le Plain Canvas as we have less commitment compared to now. Thus we spend a lot of our time traveling around Singapore and discovering places we could never pass by during our everyday. We could never imagine having an “A Walk at ” series for our blog; A walk at Kampong Glam, A walk at East Coast Road, A Walk at Joo Chait, A Walk at Chijmes, A walk to the East | Changi Bay, A walk at National Gallery Singapore and A Walk to National Design Centre. Looking back we are really amazed by how small Singapore is yet how different was for different areas.

One change we have made with the content of the blog was this year we share with you our experience at some café. As Singapore has still many restrictions during the first quarter of the year, one of the new things we like to try was to visit a café in Singapore. This is one of the activities that brought us happiness when we are enjoying the vibes of the café and the food. Some of our favorites were Chu and Co, O Happi Place, Glass Roasters, Homeground, and Dawn. When the list started to build up we then introduce a new series called the “Café Explorer”.

An emotional journey of self-love

One of the dramatic changes, this year, I have kept my hair short and it has brought me joy to have it short. I’ve learned an emotional lesson about self-love. For almost 10 years, I have kept my hair long and never had the intention to cut them off but something happened and here it goes. When friends asked why I was cutting my hair, I could only say that I wanted to break free from the chains that bound me. The ritual of cutting my hair helped me to break away from all the unwanted feelings I had been experiencing. It helped lift my mental state.

We fell in love with Beach.

During the second quarter of the year, we get to have more commitments and worries. Rather than spending time in a crowded space, we move ourselves to the beach. All our worries seem to go away when the sun’s rays fall on our faces and we step on the warm sand.

This year, we have also learned how to embrace our bodies and skin, and allow ourselves to reconnect with nature. In the past, I felt ashamed of my body. I used to hate my body weight. After losing weight, my skin became saggy as well. In the process of healing from all my trauma, I am embracing everything about myself. It’s time for us to fall in love with our bodies a bit more. Let’s not be afraid to wear and do what we like. Life is too short to walk away from all the joy we deserve!

Closing the year with Bali

When it is nearly the end of the year, we got busier with all the celebrations and holiday season. We really need a break before the year’s end, thus having left the country for the first time in three years, we are both anxious and anticipating the trip. The trip brought all the joy we were looking forward to. We managed to hike up to the peak to close the year with the most picturesque sunrises and sunsets viewed from the hills and sea. (Can’t wait to share our experience at Bali with you)

How was 2022 like for you, to us it may not be the best but we know it is helping us to move to a better self. Looking forward to embarking on even more adventures in 2023!

xoxo, the sisters

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