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Cafe Explorer: Vernacular Coffee

Vernacular Coffee, nestled along Guillemard Road, emerges as a charming spot catering to both coffee aficionados and pastry enthusiasts. It breathes fresh life into the historic 100 Guillemard Road, once home to the Former Singapore Badminton Hall and formerly occupied by Brawn & Brains Coffee.

Accessible via the Mountbatten MRT station on the Circle Line (CC7), the café boasts an interior adorned with deep green tones, evoking a tranquil ambience reminiscent of a cosy library, albeit occasionally punctuated by nearby renovation noises.

The highlight of Vernacular Coffee undoubtedly lies in its extensive selection of single-origin coffee beans, a departure from the norm found in many Singaporean cafes. Offering a diverse range of eight varieties primarily from Southeast Asian countries, sourced either from in-house roasting or Humble Origins in Joo Chiat, the café resembles those found in Bangkok.

Among the offerings, I opted for the Mae Sual from Chiang Rai, Thailand, drawn to its chocolatey undertones. This semi-washed coffee delivered a harmonious blend of red tea and chocolate notes, offering richness with a nuanced complexity. Similarly, the Kintamani from Bali provided a fruity twist with its natural hints of dried fig, banana, and cacao.

For a sweet accompaniment, Vernacular Coffee offers a selection of pastries baked in-house, ranging from classic options like Breakfast Danish and Fruit Danish to more unconventional treats like Ice Cream Sandwiches. I indulged in the Butter Chicken & Sour Cream ($6), relishing its delightful blend of spicy and creamy flavours enveloped in soft, buttery dough. Overall, a satisfying experience.

Despite the overall positive experience, it’s worth noting a patience-testing delay during my visit, with a wait time for coffee stretching to about 45 minutes. Understandably, as Vernacular Coffee was newly opened, such hiccups are expected during the initial phase. Despite these opening phase challenges, the cafe’s commitment to quality coffee and its inviting ambience still make it a worthwhile stop for anyone in the Guillemard area.

Vernacular Coffee
Address: 100 Guillemard Road #01-02, Singapore 399718
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

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