Look Back 2018, before saying Goodbye

2018 it has been a great and busy year for both of us. While today marks the last day of 2018, new year eve of 2019. We are both excited, fearful and looking for what coming next. excited about the new project we want to challenge, fearful of the unknown circumstance we might face, yet looking forward to the blessing that God has to provide us in the near future. Thus, before that let throwback our 2018, to recollect the high and low of our 365 days.

March and April were exciting and devastating months. Angela got to go on to her dream “solo” trip to – London spontaneity. Something that she wouldn’t have done without planning. And yet she nailed it this time. it’s always sad to say to goodbye but don’t do something that you might regrets. Our grandma has left us to another world.

Letting go it hard but it’s always good to learn new things and spending more time with your love ones. Everyone including Joe told me that works never end so we need to at least enjoy a little in our daily life. agree?

I’m definitely a winter person as compared to Joe but I will never miss the last day of the Summer for an amazing picnic. During the July, it’s offically a Picnic month. Most importantly, it always good to have our mom with us.

When it comes to August and October, we spend most of our time in the kitchen creating different recipes. We wanted to make use the time we have before our Japan Trip in November.

During the autumn, the market is full of colorful ingredients. Not to say there is our favorite holiday of all year – The Halloween. In these month we also achieve our aims of making more traditional delights that we like.

Ending the year, we step to one of our very important journey to a new country – Japan. We are blessed that we got to see the beauty of autumn leaves. We’re in love with cities we’ve never been to and people we’ve never met. Ending the year, celebrating with our loved ones – our family and friends.

This has been a busy year, we have lost our loved ones but at the same time, we learn the meaning of treasure the time we have. New year — a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.

xoxo, Angela

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