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A walk at East Coast Road

East Coast Road is one of the longest roads in Singapore, located from Marina Parade to East Coast Park. In between this road, you can find a lot of interesting places like our iconic Joo Chait where you can spot the Peranakan scenario, Cafe along Siglap and one of our favourite parks of all time – East Coast Park.

They are a hundred ways of visiting these places, such as a bus ride down the Joo Chait, or even a bike trip down to East Coast Park. We are lucky to have a car to travel this time thus we decided to get on a different road where the public transport is hard to get by. Here is a glimpse of how to spend an afternoon at East Coast Road.

Moroccan-Inspired Dining Experience

We start the afternoon by having at La Fez Cafe & Bakery for a Moroccan-inspired dining experience. We are attracted by the well-renovated Instagram-able restaurant. It has already become one of our criteria to visit a place 1) Instagram-able 2) good food. Inspired by the colours and flavours of Morocco, this restaurant does what they tell.

We are surprised with the full range of menu from meat to vegetables, however as it is a halal restaurant don’t expect them from serving pork. We ordered the Rotisserie Chicken Moroccan Style ($32.90), La Souk Green Harissa Lamb Shank ($34.90) and also a Sahara Roasted Cauliflower ($24.90) and it tastes so authentic, the portion is big which is great for sharing.

Along the road, you could also find an authentic greek restaurant Blu Kouzina. We have a try at their Dempsey Hill branch and it tastes amazing, which is a great experience.

La Fez Cafe & Bakery
Address: 907 East Coast Rd
Operating Hours: 11.30 am – 9 pm

Tea Break before the Sun

After a full meal, we decided to have a little tea break. During our trip down Joo Chiat, on our bus ride, we will always pass by this Little Rogue Coffee – Melbourne-Inspired cafe with delicious brunch, bicycle parking space and a pets area outside.

The name “Little Rogue” is inspired by the owners’ children’s cheeky character and playful personality. After research, we discover that before covid this is quite a family and kids-focused place, with the incorporation of a “for the little ones” menu, a small play area (currently closed for now). It has also a community library to encourage customers to donate or exchange books, which is a community place for everyone.

They have a big range of cakes and drinks, so can make a visit even you don’t want a full meal. They have bicycle parking spaces for people to park within the cafe premises thus you could have a ride there without any worries.

Little Rogue Coffee
Address: 336 & 338 Tanjong Katong Road
Operating Hours: 8.30 am to 6 pm (Closed on Tuesday)

Breathing the Sea

Before we have Garden by the Bay or even staycation, East Coast Park is a place I like to hang out with my friends. During the school holiday, we will book a chalet (when it is still a trend) and have a good overnight trip. Other than bbq, riding bikes, or even playing along the shore, walking down and resting along one of these stones is on the checklist. Coming back here again do bring backs all the memories. There are many “stones” like this along East Coast Park and the one we went to is located at the Aloha Sea Sports Centre, however, you can visit many other “stones” to see a different view.

East Coast Park “Stone”
Address: 1212 ECP, E2 Area E Car Park

There are millions of ways of experiencing the day at East Coast Road, and we may travel back to here someday again in a different way. Let us know some places you think we should visit and we haven’t had one!

xoxo, Joe

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