Look Back 2021, before saying Goodbye

The year 2021 has been carried away by the wind quickly like a breeze. It started with hope, in the mid of the year we are been welcomed by lots of challengers and end the year with a little break. Like 2020, the year 2021 was also eclipsed by COVID-19. Still, there are some things we have achieved and enjoyed, here’s a little recap on our 2021.

It was kind of a year of firsts for us: Joe has successfully grown her little sustainable garden from seed to food that we consumed every day. Her first is never a success, it only after all the try and error she now own a little garden with lady’s fingers, basil leaves, mint leaves and her tomato plant are on the way in fruiting too. Using a few recycled bottles never stop her from her journey to a sustainable life.

It’s a rare moment when Joe decided to give a little surprise as she is someone who doesn’t like one. In the month of April, which is also the birthday’s month for Angela, she was surprised with a Staycation at Capitol Kempinski Hotel by Joe. We’re glad that it all happened before her misfortunate incident happened on her actual birthday’s date. Capitol Kempinski Hotel had become our favourite hotel for both stay and food in Singapore for all time, it’s indeed a good memory we have for this year.

As we are still stuck in Singapore, we decided to give Singapore a good look, by heading around places we both have and have not been to a small walk. Apparently, there are many places in Singapore we have yet to explore. We make a visit to Chinatown, Tiong Bahru, Bras Basah and also a walk by the Singapore River.

We had the most magical summer of our life, which boarding our very first cruise since we are all grown up. While many have planned their trip overseas, but this is the only getaway we have been so far. We’d booked the 4D3N cruise, which actually only gives you 2 full days on board. All we wanted to do was relax, drink and eat and we found the best place to do that as an adult couple was the Solarium – located at the front of the ship, it’s an adults-only area with an indoor pool, hot tubs, bistro and a bar. We spent the majority of our time onboard at this area, reading, drinking and people watching, which is a good way of relaxing.

Other than trying to enjoy our lives, we continue creating different recipes and creative projects for our blog. While the weather has been getting unpredictable, we get rain and sun not in their season making our photoshoot of the recipes a challenging one, however, it does not stop us.

Our favourite dish for the year is seared scallops with apple salad and pumpkin puree that we made for the Christmas season. It’s a great combination with the perfect lightness plus hearty feels all around! This is a meal that is seriously impressive in both taste and appearance and has the added bonus of being surprisingly simple. It is the most elegant dish we have ever made.

We can never miss our chance to create a memory with our mother. During her birthday we make a trip down to the newly opened botanic garden gallop section for a picnic. We are very please that she really love the arrangement that we have made. Although the weather is not doing as well, as it rained halfway through our picnic, but we are still glad to experiment with those little moments with our mom. We can’t wait to make a visit to this place again as it is really beautiful. Hopefully, our next visit will be a sunny one!

What can we say, 2021 was something. We felt the most lonely and most loved in the same 365 days. We’ve had the most fun we’ve had in our lives, and yet we’ve never felt so stuck in a place. There were days that we couldn’t believe that it was actually our life in a good way and in a bad way. And then there were some days that were among the mids, days that were the same with the rest which had no significance whatsoever. Days that happen in any given year, whether you want them or not.

So for 2022, we just wish for a sequel of the better parts of 2021: Days filled with the warmth of the sunshine and nights filled with a lot of laughter, good company, and good drinks.

Happy New Year everyone!

xoxo, the sisters

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