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Winter Magic at Ice Magic Photo Journal

For the first time in our lives, we didn’t have time to enjoy our festive holidays last year. All the gatherings and event is tight in the schedule. Well, the trip to bail was pretty last minute and the first time we spent less time preparing for one. We have missed out on a lot of events during the festive season.

As the year comes to an end, we swap our light sleeves for a cosy winter coat at Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice. The last day of the event was January 1, 2023, 3 days before it ended. We are pleased to have made it on time for it.

My sister and I always remember visiting a place like this with our parents when we were really young, maybe 4 years old for me and 7 years old for Angela. As a result, we always want to return there with our parents and recreate the family photo. Unfortunately, our parents could not attend as they are busy with their business as the Chinese New Year approaches. Even so, we are happy that we had the opportunity to experience it, a special moment for us before the year ends.

Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice

While we knew that the place would be freezing, we were still under-prepared for it. While they offer free winter jackets and shoes, they will still get chilly if you stay inside for an extended period of time. We stepped multiple times to the non-cold zone to warm up. After this experience, we know what we’ll need when we visit a cold country.

We hope we can visit one with our parents next year. Thank you Ice Magic: The Great Fantasy on Ice for having us.

xoxo, Joe

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