Meet The Authors

Hello, and welcome to Le Plain Canvas, a platform for the discerning palate – those with a hunger for art, design, food & travel. We wanted to create a space to share all of these loves – where we create and share every single thing that inspired us with you.

Le Plain Canvas is managed by two sisters – Angela and Joe. We are two different individuals who shared the same philosophy and hobby together. We love to explore arts and food together and do not forget those sisterly pillow fights! During our free time, we paint on canvas, and spend time fixing, organising and beautifying our home every day, we also love to cook delicious and nutritious foods. We decided to set up this blog to dedicate to those who share the same love with us.

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Angela Leong

Angela is a creative designer, artist, and photographer from time to time. She spends her days surrounded by her family and loved ones, working from her home studio, hopping around with her cameras and also trying to create delicious meals in her kitchen anytime during the day.

Want to get in touch/work with her, feel free to take a look at her previous works in her PORTFOLIO to see if you all are a good match. Don’t hesitate to drop her an email with your ideas and request a Design Kit for pricing, process, and information.

sister-xJoe Leong 

Joe is a product designer and a mechanical engineer who also enjoys art, and fashion and is an artist at times. She enjoys creating new innovative products through her daily living. She’s also the best handywoman at home. She also loves fashion, exploring new places and eating delicious food.

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