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Cafe Explorer: Dawn

Known as Genkan in Japanese, the entrance features a nameplate, and a longitudinal window just like an enlarged mailbox against a light-coloured wall.

Stepping through the wooden door, I felt that I had just entered a Japanese Omakase restaurant, with a single long wooden coffee bar counter elevated like a sushi bar. With 5 bar counter seats and a communal table that can seat another 5 pax at the rear end of the compound, DAWN is not a huge space to begin with so you might expect some waiting time.

I liked the raw, unfinished textured concrete walls which creates a natural vibe, coupled with distressed limestone table top and warm lighting for a cosy experience.

I ordered a Pour-over; Jimena Rivera ($12), with a hint of fruitiness, which suits my taste. It is know as geisha of the filtered coffee where you can see from the price. It is so smooth to consume that it even suitable for anyone. I went for a second cup of coffee and ordered an Iced White ($6.5) which also has a hint of caramel and chocolate, plus a hint of tartness from the berries. Good
choice for those who want a quick drink. There are also a good range of cakes and spotted the Plum Cake ($6), it taste so fluffy and not too sweet, perfect for match to have with the coffee.

Overall I enjoyed this place, as it is small a little bit of waiting is needed during the peak hours.

Address: 78 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058708
Opening Hours: 8am – 5pm (Mon – Sun)

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