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The thought of achievement in 2016 |

It’s mid of November right now and all of us might not want to admit but this year passes quickly! For us, it has been a challenging year, it has been a wonderful 11 months!

Yet, if it possible, everyone wants it to be better than what it should be. This is a great chance to reflect the past and get your pen to list down your bucket list for the next month or before the year end!

Question: Summaries your achievement in 2016 or list down your goals for the month of the year end.

Angela: “It’s has been an amazing year, yet. I met great people and I’ve been closer to my friends and family. I cleared out bad things that influence me in my life and treasure the good ones. Before the year end, I wish that we could produce more good stuff for our reader.”

Joe: “2016 is a challenging year for me. However, due to these challenges I have, it helps me gain more experience and skills. This year I learn to do water painting and also expand my knowledge for 3D drawings. I met new people who have better influences to me and also I learn to communicate better with people around me. Before the year end, I would like to get connect to a friend I haven’t been contacting for awhile. I also would like to create more arts and inspiration for you.” 

xoxo, Angela

Illustration | Le Plain Canvas

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