Look back 2019, before saying goodbye

2019 has been nothing but amazing yet and we can’t believe that we have to bid goodbye already. To welcome a new decade, we can’t deny how frightening it can be but our excitement has also weighted the other half. Before we begin 2020 tomorrow, let look back to reflect on what happened this year!

This year, we have devoted most of our time at work and half of our time on traveling hence we felt terrible that we haven’t been spending much time on our blog. If you don’t know about it, actually this year we had beat the highest record on the road by far. We conquered 4 trips in the Asian – Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand. It was amazing to observe and experience our working desk. And we promised that we will bring more ideas on our blog in the new year!

Earlier the year, my calendar was fully packed with lots of projects and it was hard to breathe. Thankfully Joe was always assisting me in managing them as well. Also, I’m glad that I booked a ticket the year last year to pay my lovely friends a visit to Hong Kong. I’m glad to went on this spontaneous trip. Honestly, although it was short I could grab a glimpse of the peaceful side of Hong Kong before the chaos has happened this July. Through what the everyday news shared, the prosperous is nowhere to see but it is a city filled with treasure, therefore, I hope the new year will bring them a new outlook. As I can’t wait to travel back soon, sure to visit my friends and maybe with Joe this time!

This year is also definitely a year to reconnect with the family – it was a year since our granny is no longer by our side. While our parent adopts new changes in life, we want to spend more time with them. Bring them on trips and make sure they could some holiday where usually they don’t. Since more of the time, they need to work and accompany our bedridden granny. It will be the first official trip we went on together while both of us are adults now. Penang was a delighted birthday trip that we all endorse delicious food. Right after that, we hopped on to another long trip in May to Taiwan. We haven’t finished sorting out most of the post and we are definitely overdue but we promise to update them as soon as possible.

It was 10 days vacation with our parents and it definitely more challenging than traveling to Penang. It taught me to be more patience as they can’t afford to travel like how we do. They physical weaken so much and we are guilty that we can’t do much more so we decide to at least bring them on trips more whenever we can. At least this has made into our next year’s resolution.

Frankly speaking, we never actually stayed in the mountain before neither watching the sunrise up in the mountain. Therefore the year-end trip to Khao Kho, Thailand was a delightful experience for us. Unlike the last couple of years, this trip wasn’t just both of us, we were joined by my friend. It is something special despite the differences, we have the best time in a lifetime! We are preparing toe share all our trip stories with you all soon! Lots of editing so stay tuned!

Thank you 2019 and gave us so many lovely memories with our loved ones. We are bidding goodbye for a new decade of love, dreams, and hope.

xoxo, the sisters.

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