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Every one of us struggles to find happiness each day of their life. We fought through the stressful days and become our own warrior. Some of us tried so hard to put on a smile but have you question yourself. How do you fight for your own happiness?

Question: How do you fight for our own happiness?

Angela: “I used to be an over-thinker, I worried about things and upset myself. Now, I have changed, ever since a friend who shares with me her philosophy in life. The word positive has brought me happiness each day. I learn to be happy with regards to any difficulties happen to me. When you have learned to think the thing in a positive way you will be much happier.”

Joe: When I am young, I always had been a follower to people I care. I always try to avoid argument and drama with them, as I want everyone to be happy. Thus I tried to do a thing in their way, making sure it nothing goes wrong. Those days, I don’t even care to explain myself even I’m not in fault. I apologized instead.

However, when I get older, I found out that I can’t make everyone happy. People do things differently; no matter how hard I try, I am not them. Thus argument still happened. This is when I know how to say NO! It is easy to say “yes” but on the other hand saying “no” is hard. As I always scared how people I look and judge about that (saying I’m unfriendly). This is not right, as I’m unhappy.

Now I open up myself by telling my point of view, opinion and how I feel. It’s okay that they don’t listen but at least I try. This is kind of a way how I release my unhappiness and be happy. Most importantly, l love me now.

Share with us how you keep yourself happy? We love to know your stories!

xoxo, Angela.

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