We’re Two!

Yesterday marks the second year since we launched Le Plain Canvas.

Surprisingly, we’ve found that writing for it has often been the high point of our week.

Do you have a favorite post? I have many. Indeed, I probably like all of them, but sometimes one or another holds special meaning. One of the best is indeed all the travel post since that’s the best activities I ever like.

Sometimes we re-read old blog posts. They’ve helped us track the trajectory of our second year, and we love looking at the pictures and reading the comments.We sometimes wonder what prompted us to delve into a particular theme, often reminiscing about the spark—a conversation with a staff member, a painting at an exhibition—that led to a specific post.

As we mention in our during our first-year anniversary that we are two individuals and leading a different lifestyle. However, this year we improve the way we communicate and become more organized. Although there are times there is still disagreement but we believe it will only get better.

To celebrate our blog the second anniversary we baked a cake and have a little mini celebration within us. This earl grey cake is both of our favorite (comment down below if you would love to have the recipe). We have a bite of cake and some tea and share our views on what we want to do with the website.

You have been there for us, nurtured us, and fed our soul in more ways than you will ever know. For that, we are eternally grateful.

xoxo, The Sisters (Angela and Joe)

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