Our 5th Birthday

Wow… time really passed quickly and Le Plain Canvas is Five! While we are still figuring who we want to be. Our love for food, art and creating things never end.

This year, we are choosing between making a cake for the birthday or a mini photoshoot journey on the outside like our second and third birthday. It’s fun taking pictures outside, however, we give it a missed due to the rainy days and mask-on measurement we have now due to covid-19. We decide to challenge and make a cake and have a mini celebration at home. In the first year of our birthday, we make a simple flower cake, and while on our fourth birthday, we make a savoury pancake “cake“.

We want to have a cake that is a colourful cake where it represents each year of the milestone we came across. Tada~ here you have this Shag Cake – this ultra-moist chiffon cake and covered in the perfect Korean buttercream.

Shag Cake, Pom Pom Cake!

Honestly on this special day, we celebrate our daring, bravery, patience and our belief. There are many times we want to shut this corner down, there is so much tension with our conflicts. We are strong individuals that have a different method of working. Apart from dealing with every day works as a creative designer and a baker for Joe. Our love and preservation have pulled us through the journey. We have been struggling with our thought and works, sometimes the gadgets and also the weather. So we those the messiness we have somehow come in order.

This Shag, Pom Pom Cake make a perfect sense of celebrating our five years. There are still many things that we want to do and challenge and we guess we will be doing in our own ways and paces with all the supports we got from you folks who are reading our posts every time.Joe will definitely continue to bake a lot more for the sharing and also her small little business, @chacha.bakehouse.

Want to learn to make this cake, stay tuned for other recipes.

Looking back to the cakes we’ve made, we are proud to say we are striving to be better throughout the years. Not only that we grow as a creator, but we also become more understanding with each other as sisters. The best therapy we do is for each other.

Our recipes may not be perfect like the professional, however, we would like to invite your folks to join us together in this learning journey. We learn, and also exchange knowledge, tips and with each other. We anticipate you joining us in the exciting year ahead! Thank you!

xoxo, Angela & Joe

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