Look Back 2020, Before Saying Goodbye

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, it’s a year full of trials. The earth is ill from many disasters that we all didn’t anticipate. Then it followed by the century pandemic – Covid-19, we feel like it was yesterday when we celebrating the Chinese New Year and we are still planning for our holiday. But none has happened, and before we realised it, the year is going to end in two days.

It must be so depressing for many people out there including, including our friends and loved ones. During the last 10 months (since the outbreak started), we decided that we should never stop moving because we aspire to continue to send our loves through our content to our readers. Before we begin 2021 this Friday, we would like to take a chance to look back, to reflect on what happened this year!

Due to the lockdown, we spent the time to explore and expand our horizon by trying new things and habits. While we are been quarantined at home and was ask to head out for only the necessity, we learn to make use of the space we have at home and enjoy it to the fullest. First, and this is something that has taken us months to recognise – the last few months have been a surprisingly productive time. Joe has built you a better and healthier lifestyle by waking up early, to exercise or even read a book. We got to try out more interesting recipes than what we usually would.

We miss the normal. Like shaking hands with colleagues, chit-chatting with the nice people in the supermarket, hugging my friends, travel for work and pleasure. And yet, this horrible time has also shown us our remarkable ability to cope, adapt, and learn. We learn to love ourselves more and the people around us. The distance with our friends makes us realise we need to communicate with each other more especially during this tough time.

We learn to spend more quality time with family and appreciate the gift of loves. While having more time we have with the family members means that we will have more friction, however, we are able to learn to be more patient with each other. We also practice gratitude to our family and the essential worker who work hard for us during this tough time knowing it is a tough time.

Yay! So proud with Joe, she have started her online business @chacha.bakehouse. With the brunt cheesecake in trend and after sharing it with friends and family, she was like why not start her own home bakes too. It’s been a challenging and new task for her, learning to communicate with the buyers and how to cope her time.

Glad that with circuit breaker being over we are able to spend times with friends and family that we misses although we still need to practise safety distancing. The most memorable moments for this year will be spend the time with friends and family during Christmas. Seeing everyone gathered together makes us understand the importances of having each other.

Thank you 2020 taught us to be strong and brave to face the challenges ahead of us. We are unsure what is coming forward but we know that we will continue to stay vigilant to fight against the virus. Despite, Singapore is a safer country but we need to prepare for any attack that falls upon us in anytime. We are sending our prayers to all our reader out there, we hope that you will be safe and sound, to continue to support our creation. We are welcoming a new year of the decade with love, dreams, and hope.

xoxo, the sisters.

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