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Wife & Husband, Kyoto

I can hardly believe how swiftly 6 weeks have whisked by. Throughout my journey in Japan, finding time to update my blog has proven to be a challenge, as my days have been densely packed with exploration. I find myself truly admiring the dedication of fellow bloggers and YouTubers who manage to consistently churn out content while on the road. Despite the whirlwind of activity, I’m determined to share my experiences over the next few weeks once I’ve sifted through the myriad of images I’ve captured.

Those who’ve been following my previous posts will be well aware that my focus in Japan has been on discovering unique coffee establishments. One particular place has nestled itself deeply in my heart – a Kyoto coffee haven by the name of Wife & Husband. Originally intended as a joint visit with my partner Joe, circumstances led me to venture there alone this time around. Reflecting on our shared fondness for picnicking in parks and at beaches during Singaporean summers, we decided to set ourselves a challenge: to embark on a solo picnic experience. Despite the searing heat, I not only rose to the challenge but managed to journey to Wife & Husband, the charming coffee house located a 35 to 40-minute ride away from central Kyoto, where I’ve been residing.

Picnic or Chill in the vintage space

The vintage-inspired setting presents a delightful ambience suitable for either a leisurely picnic or a relaxed unwinding session. Enveloped in retro aesthetics and evocative nostalgia, it establishes an ideal backdrop for spending a tranquil afternoon. Be it the choice to lay out a blanket and relish a picnic feast or to recline with a captivating book, the vintage-themed area furnishes a distinctive and snug environment. The meticulously handpicked furnishings and aged mementoes contribute to its overall allure, effectively transporting you to days of yore. Hence, whether you’re seeking a jovial outing with companions or a serene personal retreat, the vintage space promises an enchanting locale catering to both picnic gatherings and serene relaxation moments.

For those organizing outdoor get-togethers, the option of renting picnic paraphernalia from the establishment proves to be an efficient solution. From picnic tables and chairs to mats and hats, the store offers a comprehensive selection to meet your requirements. Sporting an extensive array of items available for rental, you can effortlessly secure all the essentials needed to elevate your picnic to a triumph (subject to availability, naturally). A straightforward visit to the store, handpick your desired items and savour an uncomplicated and enjoyable picnic escapade.

From August onward: Advance Booking

When I arrived in Kyoto around mid-July, I came to realize that things had changed. The Wife & Husband café has introduced an advanced booking system, set to take effect from August onward, featuring a restricted number of available slots. At first, I was concerned that I might miss out on the chance to visit, given that a majority of the slots had already been reserved. In a bid to secure my visit, I reached out to them via Instagram, and to my relief, they assured me that they still had openings for walk-in customers throughout July.

Perfect Picnic Location

Despite the sweltering summer climate in Kyoto, the inherent splendour of the city renders it an ideal destination for picnicking. However, to truly honour the essence of this city, forego the standard ham sandwich and soda routine. Instead, elevate your picnic experience with a curated coffee hamper and select your choice of rental accessories from Wife & Husband. Situated within a brief 5-minute stroll from Kanagawa Park, adjacent to the tranquil Kanagawa River, Wife & Husband perfectly complements the scene. When spring graces the landscape, the area becomes adorned with sakura blossoms and a profusion of wildflowers. Throughout the summer months, the lush expanse remains an everlasting verdant spectacle.

Wife and Husband
Address: 106-6 Koyamashimouchikawarachō, Kita Ward, Kyoto, 603-8132, Japan
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM (Check their website for off-day)

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