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A Day at Tokyo DisneySea | Chiba

It has been a dream-come-true for us to visit a wonderland like Disneyland. It’s a must go location for us in Tokyo! We couldn’t decide which to go at first; Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea as both are equally good. Therefore, a mindset of having the only DisneySea in the whole wide world and highly recommended by everyone who has visited both. We decided to go to Tokyo DisneySea.

How to get to Disney Sea?

You can travel to Tokyo DisneySea by car but the best way is by train. If you ask me, nothing beats the excitement of counting down the train stops until you’re at Tokyo Disney’s stop. Your destination is the JR “Maihama” train station.

Once you arrive at Tokyo Disney Resort you need to travel to your destination, whether it is DisneySea, Disneyland or a hotel. The most fun way to do this is on the monorail. You need a paid ticket to ride Tokyo’s monorail. The cost is minimal – simply a couple of hundred yen.

There are two particular things you must do upon arrival to maximize your experience.

  • Fast Pass one ride: I recommend Journey to the Center of the Earth at Mysterious Island, a Raging Spirits roller coaster in Lost River Delta. or Toy Story Fast Pass another attraction after your allotted pass timeframe frees up if you can. Fast Passes are in Japanese so if you need to ask a Cast Member to translate it for you don’t be shy! Getting another Fast Pass as soon as its available may be the difference in being able to enjoy an additional attraction that day.
  • Inquire about tickets for the Big Band Beat show at the American Waterfront. This is the show we have missed, thus we will make sure we head for the lottery next time.

If you don’t usually walk around the park in its entirety – including corridors and walkways that perhaps only lead to more theming, challenge yourself to do so at this park. We found the area below simply walking around the Arabian Coast. There’s a lot of hidden beauty like this around the Mediterranean Harbor as well.

One of the most fun things to do your first time at Tokyo DisneySea is experiencing the unique snacks they have available. (And food too if you opt to eat at sit down restaurants.) What to Expect at Tokyo DisneySea in terms of food is some great themed stuff you won’t find at other resorts.

We simply loved seeing what each concession stand I passed had to offer or looking up food options on the park map.

What to expect your first time at Tokyo DisneySea in terms of additional fun snacks? You may have already heard but just in case you haven’t, POPCORN is a huge thing at Tokyo Disney. Both Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland have various flavours around the park that are noted on the park maps. You can find “Salt” flavoured popcorn in Mermaid Lagoon and Curry flavoured popcorn in Arabian Coast, to name two!

If people watching could be an attraction unto itself there are some prime people watching at Tokyo DisneySea. We are surprised in the love with “Duffy” they are, Mickey Mouse’s teddy bear. We also fall in love with them and got one back home!

As we visit during the early winter, the sunset is always usually earlier. We are glad that we are able to, as there are night shows to behold and nighttime lighting that illuminates the park. It’s a really beautiful experience to see Tokyo DisneySea in the evening. Seeing the Toy Story area of the American Waterfront at night is a sight to behold; the hundreds of lights are simply mesmerizing. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is also very special and extra appealing after sunset.

We could never enjoy the whole Disney Sea for a day, as there are just so much to see and do. Hope that we are able to visit her real soon!

xoxo, Angela

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