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The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Photo Journal

It was Angela’s birthday a week and a half ago – I’ve booked The Capitol Kempinski Hotel for her birthday celebration. With difficulties in decision making, it took me a while to decide which hotel to go and it is the best decision we have made this year. I’m glad that it all happened before her misfortunate incident happened on her actual birthday’s date.

TheCapitol Kempinski Hotel is located at the heart of the City Hall area, and host the once iconic landmark of Singapore – the Capitol Building and Stamford House. Once we step in we are welcomed by “The Lady in Red” (the Kempinski’s brand ambassador) and warmly assist us for the check-in and to the room. Along the way, the hotel hosts a vibe of fusion of art deco and Victorian aesthetics where we really like it. We are also offered an early check-in and an upgrade from the hotel which make the whole event started delightfully.

Starting from the Room

The first thing we noticed when we stepped into the Deluxe Room was how comforting it made us feel. The room is split into 2 parts the bathroom and bedroom areas.

We head in to have a look at the bathroom first, the wooden flooring, warm tones, and plush pillows made us want to jump onto the bed immediately! However, we did not due to the OCD of Angela. The room also comes complete with a working desk, sofa, and television that hooks up to a Sonos soundbar. One of the highlights of the room is the high ceiling and huge window – although it doesn’t have a good view due to the construction taking place near the hotel it’s still good to have some natural light in which is very important for us who want to take some pictures.

Stay hidden to keep it simple
In the room, you can find that there are many doors. Such as there’s a door to hide your television when it is not in use. In front of the television is has a long vanity table, the centre portion flipped up to reveal a Hollywood -style mirror and hairdryer. Likewise, there are doors acting as a division from places to places – making things looks simple to look at.

The room adopts an “open bathroom” concept, however, you could close up the door for more privacy. All suit has her and his her sinks, where no compromising will be needed at here. The highlight of the bathroom was the free-standing deep-soaking bathtub that easily fit two people, where it is one of the reasons we choose here. It is complete with television, which will make you end your whole night there. That said, the shower was also impressive, the one and only rain shower that I’ve seen that was built that high. It is totally a perfect bath and dress room for girls.

Every corner of the place is well done which cause us non-stop praising. So far the Deluxe Room is one of the nicest hotel room we have ever seen. From the tall ceiling, spacious, fittings and finishes, it gave a premium feel of the hotel. We couldn’t believe how well made it is, let’s continue to discover if there’s any bad point to it?

Beauty both inside-out.

It is a historical hotel – where you’ll find Chengal wood flooring from the original building in some places of the hotel. The hotel’s general aesthetic pairs decidedly Victorian sensibilities with a certain fondness of geometric shapes, tessellations and grand archways. Despite the relatively small size of the property, the layout of the room floors is fairly The Shining-esque in its labyrinthine complexity, with a significant number of meandering passageways and turns.

Bathroom, Breakfast and Pool are some of the top 3 areas we also look into when visiting a hotel. While we knew the pool will be small, thus no much expectation was given. The pool is Singapore first saltwater swimming pool with jacuzzi functions. It’s great for chilling and relaxing, where it’s great for people who don’t know how to swim like us. As we stay at the Stamford building, it requires us to take a short walk to the pool where it’s located at the Capitol Building.

As we know as part of safe distancing measures and for exclusivity, you’ll need to book your pool time for all hotel now. Thus we drop an email ahead to secure a slot weeks earlier to avoid disappointment. Each booking will be for a 90-minute slot. On the first day, we head to the pool from 5 pm to 6.30 pm where it was packed with 8-10 pax (the standard amount of people based on thesafe distancing measures). However on the second day, it was empty on the 9.30 am to 11 am slot, It allowed us to be in a serene environment, surrounded by walls of green. Lovely!

Every corner is Photogenic

There’s no better feeling than slipping into something unrestricted after a long day in dressy and swimwear during the Staycation. We are, of course, talking about bathrobes, but those that are so comfortable, you wear them all day in the room, and it helps us to save someplace in our luggage. When it comes to robes, you need something that feels good and plush against your skin. Well, The Capitol Kempinski Hotel has one of the largest bathrobes we have ever seen (felt like wearing a giant outfit for our smaller Asian-body size).

It doesn’t really affect much, just you may need to drag the robe around but it’s a great prop for some photos. Some tips for those who want to take some photo in the room, you may though that there won’t be enough natural light in the room. That’s what we thought and we use the spotlight in the room and it is AWFUL! We promise that the room will provide enough light even without the full glass window. (That’s if you are so unlucky that you met the bad weather!!)

Did you notice that something is missing? Yes! The most important part of the hotel is also the dining experience. One of the trademarks of the hotel is their breakfast, stay-tuned for our story on 15 Stamford. Can’t wait to bring our parents back here for a staycation again!

xoxo, Angela & Joe

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