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Tokyo Banana(s) in Japan

You can’t miss bringing back Tokyo Banana from Tokyo! Tokyo Banana has taken the world sometimes so far! Everyone, I meant many countries trying to replica what it already got. However, what is always cool about the Japanese’s nibbles is you will never only get the one option! They improvise and bring new things on the table almost every other day with limited edition and make you fell in love all over again!

Here are the free cute little ones we got back from our trip. The classic original Tokyo Banana, Tokyo Banana Coffee Milk with a cute racoon design and not to forget the Tokyo Banana Caramel Disney Edition that you only could get it in Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea! They are cute, isn’t it?

You could get the Tokyo Banana almost any and everywhere but some flavours you only could get it at a designated location or seasonal. Like we mentioned in the previous post that Japan is a delicate country and they produce good seasonal foods.

We mentioned selected designated location; such as Tokyo Yogurt Banana Panda you might only get it at Ueno Station. Tokyo Banana The Lemon Cake you could only found in Ginza. The brand also does a different collaboration with brands like KitKat as well, so if you are a chocolate lover, you surely preferred Tokyo Banana X KitKat.

Do not forget to get your Tokyo Banana when you spotted it! You might be surprised how good it tastes with the different option out there! And only Tokyo Banana taste that good!

We are just sharing an opinion here so we hope that you will like it.
Cheers, Angela.

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