Light to Night Festival Photo Journal

Photogrammetry is part of our life, we decided to share our everyday life journal irregularly. To document our travel journal, be it locally and overseas. For the past two weeks, the town is buzzing with the House of Mirrors. We have been to the one last year at Melbourne, it was astonishing experiences, with little crowds and no time limits. Therefore, we weren’t sure if we would like to rejoin the crowds in Singapore.

On the last day of the festival, we decided we should at least get out during the evening to join the breeze before the festival end. We have been contradicting due to the continues rain the past couple of week.

We’re glad that we went, we didn’t get to explore all the highlights of the festival but it was a nice night out for all the works we been through the weeks. We stroll along the Singapore River and the Civic District, it filled with beautiful lighting.

buildings are beautifully lighted up with graphics and digitized photo

the white, the blue and the red dot lights

my pick by Joe, she captured the most feminine part of me. 

she is my ideal subject, she doesn’t see her beauty yet.

changes of lights on the iconic building just make the night more beautiful  


wander around the iconic building, ignore the surround to experience the atmosphere. 

xoxo, Angela.

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