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Mother’s Day X Tulipmania 2018

Just last week, we have pre-celebration with our Mother before Mother’s Day. We went to Garden By the Bay, Tulipmania for a date! Since our Mom reloves love plantation and gardening lots… To cheer her up we thought it will be a treat!

While there are so different ways to call our mother(s) and I have at least 5 different versions! “Mom”, “Mummy”, “Mother” and some in Chinese, Japanese and even dialect … My mom is my spirit animal. Always tell me that I could be whoever I want to be and will always do her proud. She could be over-protective but she also wants me to get out of my comfort zone. Despite we have the differences like many other mother-daughters, we live, think and behave almost the same way. We argued but deeply I love her the most.

Mom, thank you for being such an amazing mom and superwoman in my life! Raising problematic children like my sister and me with lots of opinion in daily-days life! You handled us well! You showed me ways to fight and survive in the cruel world as you know that it hurts you badly. Thanks for the years of caring and loving the brat like me! I love you, mom!

Here are my promises to you, mom; for your love of cactus, I will bring you to Arizona desert. For your love of tulip, I will bring you to Holland soon!

Honestly, while I was taking the photo this guy just walked to my mom and stood beside her that closely. I thought they are having a conversation but truly, they didn’t.


I especially love this Winnie the Pooh and Piglet statue. The moment is beautiful.

Despite the Tulipmania event was over but there is a Singapore Garden Festival coming up. For those who are coming to Singapore, you can get your ticket online.

xoxo, Angela

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