Iced Latte with Nespresso Essenza Mini

(It is not a sponsored post – we simply love the Essenza Mini so much that we want to share with you all! )

We have been excited to own our very own coffee machine – Angela has purchased it as a Christmas gift for my family since they all are coffee lovers. We got the Limited Edition Essenza Mini Silver – the design is beautiful, sleek and light, it is perfect for a small home (like us). Basically, everyone in the family is in love with the machine. Although Angela is a tea lover, she said, “occasionally a cup of coffee is perfect for an imperfect day!”

Iced Americano vs. Iced Latte — What’s the Difference?

So, in the name of the heatwave and the assertion that iced coffee should (with no shame) drink all year-round, we’re breaking down the differences between two of the most popular iced coffee drinks out there: the iced latte and the iced americano. To start, we turn to math (don’t panic) in a way that makes it incredibly simple.

Iced Latte: Espresso + cold milk + ice.
Iced Americano: Espresso + cold water + ice.

That’s it. Same coffee base (espresso, which means the same amount of caffeine), same temperature (chilled + ice), and a simple difference in the type of cold liquid used to fill each drink to the top (milk vs. water).  You can technically add milk to an Iced Americano, making it pretty similar to an Iced Latte, but an Iced Latte doesn’t require any water. So, by nature, it’ll always be the creamier option.

So, we want something more flavourful to share with you, thus a classic cup of iced latte.

What kind of milk should you use for an iced latte?

You can use any kind of milk you want from whole to skim cow’s milk to almond, soy, or coconut milk. Or any kind of milk in between as long as you love it!

Heavy cream and half-and-half aren’t recommended for lattes. You’ll be adding 200ml of milk to your iced latte and the higher fat content in heavy cream and half-and-half doesn’t make them a great option for this drink.

With a cup often costing more than SGD$5, coffee dates aren’t the most wallet-friendly option. But what if we told you there’s no need to hit up expensive coffee joints for an intimate heart-to-heart? Thus we are delighted when Starbucks has launched its Nespresso-machine capsules. Honestly making Starbuck coffee have saved lots for us (especially me).

Once you have your espresso brewed, your milk and sweetener ready, fill a glass with ice. Pour the espresso over the ice. Following by adding the sweetener. Last but not least in the milk to fill the glass.

As we said, it’s super easy to make this drink at home!

Iced Latte ratios (keeping in mind that the larger your glass is, the more ice you’ll need to fill it):

  • 12 oz iced latte (tall or small size drink from a coffee shop): 1 shot espresso, 2 tbsp liquid sweetener, 200ml of milk
  • 16 oz iced latte (grande or medium-size drink from a coffee shop): 2 shots espresso, 4 tbsp liquid sweetener, 200ml of milk
  • 20 oz iced latte (venti or large size drink from a coffee shop): 3 shots espresso, 8 tbsp liquid sweetener, 200ml of milk

We hope you’ll start making your own iced latte at home! It’s a classic drink, however, you decide to make it, and it will cost you pennies on the dollar to make at home compared to buying it at a coffee shop!

xoxo, Joe

Iced Latte with Nespresso Essenza Mini

Let us show you how to make an iced latte at home! Use any flavour sweetener, milk, or boldness of espresso you choose and save yourself a ton of money in the process.


  • 2 shots of brewed hot or cold espresso (approximately 2 oz)

  • 8 oz milk (any variety)

  • 2 oz liquid sweetener, such as a coffee syrup, maple syrup, caramel sauce, honey, or simple syrup


  • Pour the espresso into a 16 oz glass filled with ice. (see note below)
  • Add the liquid sweetener to the glass.
  • Pour milk into the glass and stir until the milk, sweetener, and espresso are combined.


  • You can either brew the espresso directly over the ice if you have an espresso machine or make the espresso on the stovetop and pour it over the ice. The espresso can be hot or cold when pouring it over the ice.

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