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While I was searching inspiration for baking designs I found all these adorable ideas. They are so beautiful and lovely, don’t you think so?

When coming to this festival holiday the most exciting thing that happening since I was a child was to have all this delicious sweets and delights delivered out from the bakery. Whenever I visit a bakery, my face will stick on their cakes display panel. All cakes and pastry they look extremely beautiful like the jewel and crystal in the fancy glass case. I was a greedy child that wish to have them all but in the end my mum only allow each of us to get one!

Even though I love cakes and pastry from the bakery, I must not forget to say my mum make amazing dessert and cakes too. Every holiday, both Joe and I will set the dining table waiting patiently for her delicious making. When we get older we love to make ourselves, try different methods, making different dessert every year for the most important day – Christmas.

I must say every holiday there were lots of baking in our kitchen, therefore investing a good oven is essential for us. Finally the end of last year we got one amazing built-in oven. It’s like a dream come true for us! And, that is one thing that I never would regret it even though it is costly at that point of time.

Why not start some baking during this holiday season, never have an empty table without food. We are sharing many more baking ideas during this holiday season, follow our blog and stay tuned more thought!

Happy Monday!

xoxo, Angela.

Credit | All shots used on the Christmas mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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