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Moodboard | Autumn Vibes #01



We’ve just sent away the Summer and there’s no denying, Autumn is on the way. Personally, I love the Autumn as much as the Winter (even though I still love Summer but it’s just different). Since you can see we stayed in a tropical country, it normal for us to long for four seasons. Even though we don’t have four seasons but say who that we can’t inject it into our everyday life? We always can create it with thoughts and decorations!

While researching some Autumn’s inspiration, we’ve noticed a classic trend for all Minimalist. This year Autumn we’ll welcome the sense of delicacy with the touch of cotton, wool, and use of paper (prints). These are the few main elements you can play with. We should never leave out the cozy touch that autumn has given to us. Therefore, we suggest using soft fabric with the touch of greens to give out the warmth in the cooling temperate.

xoxo, Angela.

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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