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A Scandinavian-Styled Christmas dinner for this Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! I’m trying to imitating the Santa, but sorry I failed. I don’t act or behave like him but I love to give gifts like he does! The good and bad children list and etc… Well, at home we just like the elves, busy preparing for the holiday. Every Christmas is the most joyful holiday I could ask for. People are busy at least a month ahead and getting gifts for their loved ones. And the meals are what friends and family looking for!

This Christmas we are not going to go for the grand but a white and simple Scandinavian styled, not only the setting but also the food choice. We didn’t plan for something big but something simple and sweet within the family.

Let’s start with the main, we wanted a simple yet colorful centerpiece, thus we make a crown roast – Garlic Rosemary Chicken Cranberries. There is nothing better and easier than this simple one-pan baked chicken. All the comfort with little work.

And that’s what we have in today’s easy garlic rosemary chicken except with an added festive twist using cranberries! The clincher is that they all cook in the oven, leaving your stove top free for making your sides.

All of these one-skillet recipes can cook on the stove while the main dish is roasting, which means no jockeying for space and time in the oven. Each one spotlights a single ingredient dressed up in flavors that complement any protein, whether it’s your traditional turkey or ham or one of our entrees.

We decided to have two sides for this dinner, Pan-Seared Mushrooms with Cream and Dill goes especially well with chicken and Grilled Roots with homemade butter. This is the first time we made our first flavored butter using whole-grain mustard and fig.

Your goal is to welcome guests with nibbles and drinks, not fill them up or get them too lubricated before the main event. One or two showstopping cheese and colorful crudités with a three-ingredient dip are plenty (Take a look at our mini morning cheese palette.) Serve it alone with this Earl Grey Punch, it is beautiful at the same time it tastes refreshing.

Nothing signals that a party’s over like the host starting the dishes. It’s like the lights coming on at the end of a school dance. Stack everything in the sink and soak it in hot water and soap and relax. You can put away food after everyone leaves, too.

May the spirit of the Christmas fill your home with peace, joy, and love. HoHoHo!

xoxo, Angela.

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