A Paint Portrait / Project 52

Week 21 | Project 52

Title: Dear Carol
Instagram’s account: whimsicarol

How was the holiday season so far? Hopefully, everyone did enjoy your Christmas! I’m ashamed of myself for the two weeks long of hiatus from #APaintPortrait. While I’m trying to cope with the assignment before the holiday season, therefore, everything seems messed up. Although it is still being quite messy at work I just couldn’t take any of it as an excuse.

This week I would like to dedicate this portrait to Carol, @whimsicarol, sweetie from Texan. She is always sweet and great with her brush and camera. I enjoy spending time with her Instagram feed as it just cheers my day with great images and story!

As a creative, It is always interesting to know someone through their story as it will inspire me in any and every way. Stay tuned for another portrait of Carol and her super cute puppy in upcoming 2018!

xoxo, Angela

Illustration | Angela Leong

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