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What to get in Taiwan’s Waston?

1. Contact lenses

I love how contact lenses can be found and bought easily at any Watsons / Sasa / Cosmed, etc in Taiwan. The prices are usually reasonable and the colors or designs available are quite vast so I couldn’t help buying a few different brands just to try.

While ACUVUE is still my favorite among all the brands as I could wear them for the whole day without feeling tired or any dryness.

2. Rohto Lycee Eye Drops

I always want to try the Rohto Lycee Eye Drops, as the review I have seen everywhere is good. The first time I tried it and the sensation can be described as being very “minty”. See, I wasn’t really used to something like that, and I kind of panicked because it felt like my eyes burned. After a few seconds, my eyes were fine and felt very refreshed.

Compare to the Original Rohto Eye Drops this has a more “minty” sensation, for me, it is more refreshing. However, the cons of this are that I only can get it in Taiwan and Japan.

3. Dr. Morita Mask

The mask in Taiwan is so much cheaper to Singapore. The time we purchase them, they even have a 1 for 1 promotion. Recently the Dr. Morita Sheet Mask has been the top-selling item in Taiwan. Thus I want to give them a try and I can say they are really good.

xoxo, Joe

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