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Day Trip to Arashiyama | Kyoto

There’s numerous way to head to Arashiyama, the easiest being by train. With three rail stations within walking distance from Arashiyama’s main attractions, you can pick the one most convenient for you.

During autumn and spring, when autumn foliage and cherry blossom are in season, JR’s Sagano sen line is recommended as the train go past scenic areas with an excellent view.

Togetsukyo Bridge 渡月橋

The direct translation for this bridge in English is ‘Moon-walk’ – as it resembles the moon in the dark. The bridge was rebuilt in steel for cars to cross later and a popular place to see autumn colour or cherry blossoms.

Tenryu-Ji temple

Tenryu-ji temple is the largest temple complex within the five famous temples in Kyoto region. Separate tickets are needed for the main temple and the garden- if you are pressed for time I would suggest forgoing the main temple and head straight to the garden, as you can admire the architecture of the temple from the garden as well. The only thing you will miss is the Daruma portrait.

Entrance fee : 800 yen per pax

Bamboo Forest

After going around the garden, exit Tenryu-Ji complex via North Gate and you will arrive and the Bamboo Forest/Walkway. It is very peaceful but unfortunately also flooded with tourist. Unless you arrive early in the morning, it is impossible to get a photo with no one in it (so for those of you who want to enjoy the bamboo forest yourself, get there early!). However there are time I enjoy taking photos with the people around as it make the photo more alive.

Jojakko-ji temple

This temple wasn’t originally on our list and was added when it took me less time than planned to see the other attractions. Unless you are keen on Japanese temples, there’s nothing special about this temple except during autumn and spring for foliage or blossom. It is indeed not a disappointment, the autumn foliage is so beautiful and massive here. Moreover, there’s a nice view of Arashiyama from the top.

Walk back down to the Arashiyama Torokko Station. This is a nice place to have some local delicacies. Wait for the train (The Sagano Romantic Train) to get in.

Entrance fee: 400 yen per pax

The Sagano Romantic Train (Sagano Scenic Railway)

We planned to take the Sagano Romantic Train for the autumn foliage, thus the first thing we did when we reached is to head to the station for the tickets. However, we were surprised by the queue for the ticket station. Due to my lack of research, we have to travel very far away from it. However other than my lack of research the whole trip is a big time up.

Ticket fee: 620 yen per pax

Food to Try:

  • % Arabica Arashiyama (again due to our lack of research, it closes when we reach there. However, glad that we can find the same one at Higashiyama)
  • Saga Tofu Ine (we didn’t much research on food, and we are so tired on that day. We are glad that we found this restaurant, it is simple yet delightful tofu set meal dinner)

We decide to end our day after the early dinner as the whole place is so dark. We head back to Gion and have a little walk before heading back home.

xoxo, Joe

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