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When life gives you a lemon you return them with lots of happiness as revenge. Just embrace the little things of life before regretting about it! While what’s more than taking a short trip singing and laughing with a lovely friend together.

Well, I didn’t go to Bangkok lately but I was thinking to share this set of photographs taken out from my hard disk. There are so many interesting photographs just hiding without knowing.

The trip was dated back in late 2016 which I know it’s overdue for a super long period. Having this trip is my second time to Bangkok and it’s much interesting compared to my first trip there. I got to go to different cafe hopping and embracing their street and art life. Unlike the tourist impression, Bangkok is pretty actively trendy with their arts, food and youth culture. You will discover new thing each day on the street and their food in a cheaper manner. I hope you enjoy taking on a visual journey with me.


xoxo, Angela.

Credit | All shots used are taken by us.

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