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Ang Ku Kueh

Hello April! It has been a tough week for my family. Our beloved grandma passed away last week – it is such a heartbreaking news for us. There is a lot of reflection and guilty. However, I ended up choosing to think of the goods. Therefore, I remember how much my grandma loves to eat all the traditional delights. This month I decided to paint the delights my grandma loves.

Ang Ku Kueh, aka red tortoise cakes! They are shaped to look like tortoise shells. A popular local snack in Singapore, it is also one of me and my grandma favorite traditional delights since young.

I remember my mom will always get me a box of Ang Ku Kueh after my visit to the Chinese clinic. As the medicine is always too bitter for me, the Ang Ku Kueh is the best treats for me. The sweet mung bean filling and soft chewy skin melt in my mouth. However one of my favorite flavors will be the yam filling. Both I and my grandma loves yam a lot, it is one of our go to ingredients for desserts.

I feel like having one of the Ang Ku Kueh now, but I know it breaks my heart knowing my grandma will not be eating it with me now. I miss you, grandma!

xoxo, Joe

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