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Leaves Coffee Roaster, Tokyo

During my quest to find the best coffee shops in Japan, I visited a number of them. Among them, Leaves Coffee Roaster is my favorite in Tokyo. Leave Coffee Roaster has two shops, both are located in Kuramae, Tokyo. They have a standing bar located approximately 200-300 meters away from Leaves Coffee Roaster called Leaves Coffee Apartment.

I love that both Leaves Coffee Roaster and Leaves Coffee Apartment, together they are designed with two distinct concepts; both have seating space but the Leaves Coffee Apartment is meant to be taken to go, the space is smaller and the barista serves over the huge glass window. I love the aesthetic of it as it allows people to have a good time to enjoy and also communicate with the barista. The Leaves Coffee Roaster doesn’t open every day, mainly they are for coffee roastery, thus it is more spacious to enjoy while sitting down, they roast most of their bean there, occasionally I do believe that they host events and workshops with the space.

I’m a coffee snob.“, self-proclaimed. The challenge of being so discerning when it comes to coffee is that once you discover an exceptional barista who understands your preferences, you become quite addicted to their creations. While the insights and expertise I’ve acquired in this journey have been invaluable, I believe there’s even more to explore and accomplish if I had the opportunity to spend more time here. As someone who loves to explore new places, the friendships I’ve forged and the unwavering support I’ve received from baristas will remain cherished in my heart for a lifetime.

Leaves Coffee places a strong emphasis on its filter coffee, featuring a unique menu chart that provides detailed flavor notes for each coffee variety. This chart allows customers to easily find a coffee that suits their preferences, a feature not commonly found elsewhere. However, if you require guidance, their friendly baristas are always ready to assist. The filter coffee options range in price from 700 yen to 1800 yen per cup. While my top recommendation is their filter coffee, they also offer alternative beverages, including Cafe Latte (700 yen), Cafe Mocha (700 yen), Lemonade (500 yen), and even Hot Chocolate (500 yen).

Leaves Coffee Apartment

Address: 〒111-0043 2-2-10 Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours:
Monday Closed
Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday, Holidays 10:00-18:00
Wednesday 12:00-18:00
(Follow their Instagram for their opening hours)

Meet their barista(s)

Thanks to their barista Sho Ishiguro-san’s recommendation, I managed to visit and get to meet the founder and the head roaster, barista Yasuo Ishii-san. It was really cool experience to sit and watch them brew coffee. Unlike other places I have visited, I was amazed by the baristas and their unique style of brewing. This is something that you see and can’t forget. Their step was gentle and it was so enjoyable you see them making coffee. I could feel how happy they were making coffee and it made me excited and happy as well. No wonder they are ranked 1st in the Tokyo area.

This is why I love places that just serve coffee without food. Their aim is to create a clean ‘drink’ with a pleasant balance of acidity and sweetness.

Leaves Coffee Roaster
Address: 〒130-0004 1-8-8 Honjo, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00 Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
(Follow their Instagram for their opening hours)

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