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After approximately 2 weeks we came back from Melbourne, we ultimately classify out the photographs from our gadgets. As to gather our time together and edit them it tougher than we imagined. Especially we jump right back to work the day after our arrival.

Unlike sharing our journey by days, we decided to share our favorite part of the journey through places and trip. Nevertheless, feel free to drop us a message we are happy enough to share with you guys our itinerary.

Before our trip, many highly recommend Queen Victoria Market as the must-visit market in the Victoria, Australia. We wouldn’t be denied it however we just simply prefer the one located at the south of Melbourne – South Melbourne Market. It’s just smaller, a perfect in size with the essentials you need every day. No better way to experience a little bit of the Melbournian’s everyday life than by visiting their local markets.

We found out there is a “To Market To Market Tours” organized by South Melbourne Market, which hosts every third Saturday of the month. We are so fortunate as it happens falls on our traveling dates. It’s just excellent for us hop-by during our weekend morning.

You might be skeptical like us but we highly recommend the tour as it’s worthwhile. It just cost you AU$10 per person includes food samples and a Market bag for a 90 minutes tour. Our lovely guide was a local residential, Jane (sadly we didn’t get a photograph with her). We were been welcomed with a friendly smile, along with many other friendly locals. The tour group was small with a group of 8 including our guide Jane.

We gather in front of the entrance on a chilly Saturday morning. After a short introduction by Jane, we were welcome with a good quality market bag and a piece of banana each – it produces locally and it tastes extremely delicious. It was simply pleasant and so delighted to see all beautiful fresh products.

We meet traders from stores to stores and each of them proudly introduces us their products by gives us samples and tasting bites. (Jane even got a fresh beetroot each from Georgie’s Harvest) With so many varieties of fresh produce in the market, it simply amazing. However, we didn’t purchase them as the rest of the day are all planned out.

One of our favorite part of the market tour is learning this trendy beautiful tea store – Tea Drop. While the store owner treats us their signature tea – Honeydew Green Tea, he explained the beautiful design of the package. Each tea is special in its own way of brewing it and Tea Drop brings out the full potential of each tea.

We meet lots of local traders in the Market from traders to farmers. They share with us their very own specialty and the trip is education and tasteful. We eat fruits, drink some tea, have olives with bread, have a taste with fresh milk, try delicious tapas. You definitely feel a little full after all the tasting.

Last but not least, we end our trip to Aptus Seafood with fresh oysters! Both of us end up with two oysters each. It’s so fresh as compared to those we had at Queen Victoria Market on our arrival. With all the range of condiment they have, you can enjoy the fresh oysters in a different flavor with your tray. That’s the reason we have been heading back to the market, the cheapest and sweetest oyster ever. It only cost you AU$2 each.

The reason we want to highlight South Melbourne Market because we wholly love the Market. We actually head back to the market for a couple of time during our trip. We got some fresh ingredient for cooking, which we will be happy share our recipe with you soon.

With many different pubs, bars, and cafes surrounding the market, it is definitely a place where hipster would want to spend their weekend. Personally, I would definitely shift to the south Melbourne during my next visit. It’s entertaining neighborhood with beautiful houses.

Trip Advice |

Little small tips for you, pick up some brochures at the airport before heading to the city. You can find out many ongoing events during that month/week just like us.

We also highly recommend the tour for those who first time visit the Market, it allows you to have a full grasp of the whole market before you jumping conclusion in purchasing the items. It’s one of the cheapest local Market tours in Melbourne.

We don’t usually complain but do avoid the fusion Dim Sum restaurant Bambu, they have the bad services ever, we had terrible experience while being served by their Staff. While the food is just average standard in with an expensive price tag, it’s nothing compared to the $2 Dim Sum we could have in Singapore.

xoxo, Angela.

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