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Moodboard | Christmas Vibes #05

People might think that it’s still a long way to go but its time to gather your scrapbook for planning. The most beloved festive of the year is coming – Christmas. We love Christmas and each day we just got really busy with the preparation.

While this year I thought of getting garland for decoration, it will definitely bring life to the house. It will be white, silver and green Christmas, unlike the red, golden like last year! You can planned to have some cedar to weave in the finished garland or ended up liking it simple. You would also love that it looks a little wild and unruly.

If your weather is cold and damp this time of year, the fresh greens tend to stay green for a long time. Isn’t that great, we in Singapore couldn’t have that kind of weather. Using this green can also help to frame your walls and doors. It simply keep the place vintage and warm. Clip some images to the garland for a home feel.

Happy Monday everyone!!

xoxo, Angela.

Credit | All shots used on the Christmas mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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