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Sonmokseoga Bookstore, Busan

Nestled among the buildings in Huinnyeoul Cultural Village in Busan is Sonmokseoga (손목서가), a charming space that doubles as both a bookstore and a cafe. It stands out as a personal favorite in Huinnyeoul Culture Village, emanating a tranquil atmosphere where I could easily spend an entire afternoon gazing out of its windows.

Huinnyeoul Culture Village is situated on a steep slope in Yeongdo, Busan, right alongside the ocean. While this location offers breathtaking views, navigating the occasional slope or staircase is part of the journey. What makes Sonmokseoga great is the ease of access from the main entrance of Huinnyeoul Culture Village; there’s no need to navigate through much to reach the cafe. I’ll simply keep an eye out for the word ‘손목서가’ to find the entrance.

Cafe and Bookstore at the same place

The cafe spans two floors, with the first floor adorned with bookshelves, a small selection of lifestyle items, and clothing. The ordering counter and an impressive siphon coffee setup can also be found on the first floor.

The second floor is where I typically enjoy my coffee, although the terrace, right outside the entrance under parasols, is also a delightful option. The second floor exudes a retro charm with CDs stacked on speakers and wooden furniture.

Menu at Sonmokseoga

Sonmokseoga offers an intriguing variety of beverages, including Hand Brewed Coffee (6000won Hot, 7000won Iced) and Dutch Coffee (7,000won), with decaffeinated options available. They also serve Non-alcoholic Mulled Wine like Gluhwein, a type of German Mulled Wine (7,000won), with the option to add a shot of vodka for 3,000won. Additionally, there’s Wein Milk and Ade, featuring German Mulled Wine in milk or soda.

The menu extends to a selection of Ades, such as Green Plum Ade (8,000won) and Raspberry Ade (8,000won), along with hot teas like Chamomile (5,000won), Earl Grey (6,000won), and Rooibos Vanilla (6,000won).

If there’s only one cafe I’d recommend in Huinnyeoul Culture Village, it would undoubtedly be Sonmokseoga. The space exudes a warm and local quality, and the second-floor ocean views create a peaceful and serene ambiance—a perfect setting to absorb the essence of Busan.

The cafe is also ideal for solo travelers seeking a quick and refreshing break!

Sonmokseoga (손목서가)
307 Huinnyeoul-gil, Yeongdo-gu, Busan
부산 영도구 흰여울길 307
Mon-Sun, 11am-7pm

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