Seven Sisters Cliff Photo Journal | East Sussex

I would say, times flies. It has been a month since my solo-trip to London. Before the trip to London, the only things that I’ve research were both Doven White Cliff and Seven Sister Cliff. While comparing which to visit I have decided to go with Seven Sister Cliff at Sussex. My friend and I planned a 2 days 1 night trip to Eastbourne down to Brighton.

Since my friend and I don’t drive, we took a morning train ride from London to Brighton and from Brighton to Eastbourne. The day was delayed by the train transit at Brighton, we reach to our host at later noon. She shared with us the course of seven sister cliff, although it is slightly different from what I have researched. After 10 minutes of walk, we come to the end of the road from where we stay, at the coast. We grab lunch package from a local mini-mart owned by an old couple. The store is really popular with locals.

The hiking begins thus it comes to an endless walk from the bottom of the hills to the top… After an hour or so, we finally saw some student and realised that we are on the right track toward the Beachy Head. That’s correct! Instead, we begin from Seven Sisters Country Park we walk the other round.

The wind was extra strong at the top of the hill but the lovely scenic view was just stunning. The only bad side of the hiking was the bright sun as it was really bad for any photographing. It’s exhausting also it’s really satisfying, however, I can’t complete it with my buddy for the trip!

If you go by hiking, I really recommend you to go really in the morning and pack a lot of food with you. As from Beachy Head to Birling Gap we spent 4.5 hours. Therefore if you want to finish the whole trail toward Cuckmere Haven and  Seven Sisters Country Park, I believed you need at least 8 hours or more. For those who could drive, I highly suggest you go with that as you can visit more viewpoint and see all the scenic view within a day!

“All the journey made mistakes; just like life and we discover other happiness”. 

That’s the thing about a road trip, you will crave for more and hoping that it never ends. I can’t wait to go back again and to see the best view of Seven Sisters Cliff. Feel free to drop us a text and we hope we will answer your questions for any enquire and recommendation. Have a great week ahead!

xoxo, Angela

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