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Moodboard | Pink Yarrow

Pink Yarrow is only for the bold individual that are ready to make a colorful statement with life! If you love pink, then Pink Yarrow is the quintessential hot pink to play with. It is a captivating and stimulating color that lifts the spirits and gets the adrenaline going. With all the energy and excitement reserved for your life, what a perfect color to theme your house around!

We felt that you will never go wrong when you match Pink Yarrow, Black and White together. Therefore, let’s check out some ways to utilize this special color for your life:

You can nestle this hot pink among other, bright navy and walnut wood and use it as a pop of color. Or, try it with having the pink as the sofa and the cushions in black like we’ve done here. Make a bold statement with your white chair with some amazing hot pink carpet – aren’t these pattern details absolutely amazing?! Try covering your cardboard in pink and table in white, it will, of course, stand out a lot. Finally, what better place to add a little of the tropical item to your room, this pink lotus surely make your day! It’s almost too pretty to let it wilt.

xoxo, Joe.

Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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