Penang Photo Journal

I have been dividing my time between catching with works and recouping my energy these days. Therefore, I will stop posting “A Paint Portrait” for awhile till I have more time for it. In the meantime, I hope that my travel stories will make up for that!

As a city girl sometimes you’ll crave for a non-city life but definitely not for long. A short trip from Singapore to Penang, Malaysia might answer your request. Penang is located north-west of Malaysia. They are infamous for their tasty food and culture. Spending a long weekend (roughly 4 days 3 nights ) there is really satisfying. Nothing fancy but you could simply eat all day, walk all day and to be part of their Peranakan culture.

As I remember it was warm summer than, surely I brought along my camera but I took fewer shots. Thus somehow I’m still able to put it as a post to feed your eyes.


xoxo, Angela.

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