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The Art of Dream Photo Journal

We are overwhelmed to be able to make it in time for this display last month. We love art installation and one that allows us to take nice pictures is a thumbs up for us. As this installation only lasted a week, we make up some time for it in between our busy schedules. Worrying it may have a big crowd we head there as early as we could.

Make its debut first in Paris in October 2021, the installation was commissioned by Porsche through their new art initiative, The Art of Dreams. The brains behind the unique installation are French artists and architects Cyril Lancelin. As the pandemic hasn’t treated anyone quite right, the artist aims to use the installation as an inspiration for people to remember and continue pursuing their dreams. 

Yes, sadly the installation is now over however for those who are located at Milano, stay tuned for this as that will be their next location. Can’t wait to see more fun installations to be in Singapore.

xoxo, Joe

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