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Lemon Burrata with Basil

We love an easy starter to kick off a dinner party or to enjoy with a pre-dinner cocktail. Isn’t it great when you can combine a few fresh ingredients on a plate and call it done?! Creamy burrata blends with grassy olive oil, lemon zest, and sweet basil for a satisfying spread on toasted ciabatta.

What is Burrata?

On the surface, it looks like a ball of fresh mozzarella, and it sort of is. On the inside, it’s a velvety mixture of cheese curds and cream wrapped up in a shell of mozzarella cheese.

Burrata hasn’t been around as long as mozzarella and was invented as a way to make use of mozzarella scraps to reduce waste in the cheesemaking process. Brilliant!

Helpful Tips for Using Burrata

  • It’s a fresh cheese and should be consumed within a few days of opening the package. 
  • If you purchase a package with multiple balls of burrata, store unused portions covered in water in an airtight container in the fridge.
  • It is best at room temperature, so allow it to sit on your counter for at least 30 minutes before enjoying it.

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Lemon Burrata with Basil



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