DESIGN / Project 52

Week 14 | Project 52

Title: Dear Shan,
Instagram’s account: @jacqjs

The greatest gift of life is friendship. That’s why I’m blessed to have her in my life all these while. A person that have lots of place in my heart. She taught me to be patient, be thoughtful and give in when I have too. She is amazing because she always makes sense out of me through things I refuse to acknowledge with. Through her words, I learn to understand, to accept what I always don’t. She is a big sister while I’m a baby – while I’m still crawling with my hands, she is reaching out to me with hers.

When she announced getting married, I’m so happy for her however sad to know that a good friend will be away. Soon, she will be going away for a long while, the time we get together will be lesser than we have it now but that doesn’t matter as I will miss her even more. Knowing that she lead a happy life she always wants for, it is enough for me.

Happy Wednesday!
xoxo, Angela

Illustration | Angela Leong

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