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Button Mushroom

Hello August, time will passes so fast that it’s kind of hard for me to keep track now. This month I decided to paint my favorite ingredients – mushrooms. Button mushroom; the one I always add them to my pesto pasta. There is the time I have them in Roasted Mushroom Panini or even a Beef Guinness Stew Pie. However, when I am lazy I have them as their own – Creamy Mushroom with dill.

Mushrooms prefer dark, cool, moist, and humid growing environments. Mushrooms grow from spores – not seeds – that are so tiny you can’t see individual spores with the naked eye. However, with the right growing conditions and acquiring or making mushroom spawn, the mushroom grow beautifully (and tastily).

Sometimes, I feel that I am so small that what I do is meaningless. I am so small to even be seen or find out by people. At times I will always compare why I couldn’t achieve what people did. However, when I research about mushroom I then understand it maybe cause I didn’t use the right way to grow myself.

Although I have yet an answer on what I can do, but I know someday I will find them out.

xoxo, Joe.


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