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It’s already coming to the end of August and we’ve been enjoying this month so far.

Somethings exciting just waiting throughout this summer and it all begin with this August. As the first on my list is to kick start my bucket list with my closest friend, Fatin – we are so much alike yet so different, or that the reason we become partner-in-crime in lots of ways! We have a goal is to complete a list of a dream we want to achieve together; travel, skydiving and of course hiking!

Just a couple week ago, she suggested spontaneously to go hiking. And of course, I love the idea of what she suggested since it has been something I always want to try! Since both of us is new to hiking, we decided to start with something much at ease. After lots of researching, we decide to start with MacRitchie Nature Trail. It was famous with the treetop, thus we didn’t plan to go with that as we hear that it was hard for beginners. However, we sort of completed it in the end.


Date | 2nd August 2016
Starting Point – Ending Point | St Therese Home – Island Club Road
Duration |3.5hrs


The day itself, we met at 9am and approximately reached at 10 later than we expected. We were excited and I just worried that we will miss the stops to alight. Once you alight at the bus stop, you could spot the entrance immediately. There will be only a path that leads you toward the MacRitchie Reservoir if you are lucky you might spot some goose along the residence area.

Thus, before you realize, the next moment what you focusing will be the panorama view of the reservoir through your eyes. Both of us was excited, we decide to go with the wooden trail with the crowds. We started it to suit our pace, many hikers just passes us quickly. Somehow, we hope there will be someone nearby as I’m really worried about the monkey jumping out from nowhere. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our slow pace, there were steep slopes and rocky path, therefore, please be careful.

Some extra tips for you if you are going;

  • There will be monkeys in the area. Don’t feed them and don’t eat too openly or they’ll approach you for food. But if you must, like I did, just bring a morsel of food and be very careful no monkeys see you eat.
  • Also, don’t forget insect repellent and sunblock! I forgot insect repellent and only put sunblock on my face, so now I have bites on my arms and legs and very burnt shoulders. Not a cute look. (based on Joe’s experience)
  • I find that hiking is far more enjoyable and less painful when there’s company. Make this a group outing and share the pain! The more the merrier! Yay!

The Tree Top walk is one of Singapore’s truly uniquely nature experiences and sadly one of the last few in the Country. The attraction is good for a full half day nature adventure for the entire family.








#BehindPlainCanvas |

I’m a newbie in hiking, this series of our “Hiking Stories” is to share our experiences in hiking monthly of places we visit. Please share with us your version of #ourhikingstories and we could learn more about your journey as well!

Surprisingly, we’ve completed the trail earlier than we expected since it’s the hardest path among all the recommended trails. I’ve completed the first hiking with my best friend, the journey wouldn’t be this awesome without her. And I’m looking forward to accomplished more challenges with her each month. Of course maybe with Joe as well since she did mention she would like to join me!

We hope that all of you will love this new column, for those who love hiking please share with us your hiking stories by tagging us on Instagram and hashtag #ourhikingstories. We love to know more about yours!

xoxo, Angela

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