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Moodboard | Ceylon Yellow

Ceylon Yellow is “savoury and spicy”, not sunshine bright yellow or flashy neon yellow, it’s a little more of a muted and exotic type of yellow, making it extremely non-seasonal for your home.

This rich silky hue of mustard yellow sits somewhere between the true yellow of gold and the greenish undertones of brass. A perfect colour for Fall.

You can incorporate this tangy hue into your look with the pattern or texture tiles. Use it as the unifying colour to mix daringly different prints and create a cohesive look or as an unexpected pop of colour when paired with shades such as Red Pear, Martini Olive, Russet Orange, Sargasso Sea, Almond Buff and Meerkat! 

These muted yellow indeed give a pop of colour to the house. It brightens ups your room and mood at the same time at the start of the day. 

xoxo, Joe
Credit | All shots used on the mood board via our Pinterest boards.

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