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Cafe Kichi, Atami

Exploring a city without planning is a wonderful way to experience the local culture and discover hidden gems while traveling and working simultaneously. By immersing oneself in the city’s streets, neighborhoods, and attractions, one can stumble upon unique experiences and unexpected encounters that may not be found in guidebooks or itineraries.

This spontaneous approach allows for a more authentic and organic exploration of the city, enabling one to truly connect with the local environment and its people. Whether it’s stumbling upon a vibrant street market, stumbling upon a charming café tucked away in a quiet alley, or stumbling upon a lively local festival, the possibilities are endless when exploring a city without a rigid plan. This sense of adventure and discovery adds an element of excitement and spontaneity to the travel and work experience, making it all the more memorable and enriching.

While walking, I came across a lifestyle shop called Teshigoto. During a conversation with the owner, I discovered that they have a sister shop called Cafe Kichi located near the train station entrance. After a heavy lunch, I decided to have a glass of iced coffee, it is just much cooling to reduce the humid heat after the rain.

As I stepped inside Cafe Kichi, it felt like entering a completely different world compared to the busy streets outside. The moment I opened the wooden door, I was enveloped by the cafe’s serene and tranquil atmosphere. The ground floor was dominated by an open-concept kitchen and a wooden bench table that took up most of the space. However, I was led to a table on the second floor, and I found the interior decor to be quite to my liking. Since it was still early, I had the second floor mostly to myself, which added to the sense of privacy and relaxation during my time at the cafe. The use of wooden furnishings and warm lighting created a cozy dining environment. What caught my attention was the ceiling adorned with tree branches, casting a natural silhouette on the walls and creating an atmosphere akin to dining in a forest.

Cafe Kichi カフェキチ
Address: 5-9 Tawarahoncho, Atami, Shizuoka 413-0011, Japan
Hours: 11 am to 7 pm (Closed on Wednesday)

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