Black Sesame Latte

On hot, humid days when we just don’t feel like cooking or eating anything heavy, we make this iced black sesame latte for breakfast or an afternoon snack to hold us over until dinner.

This sesame latte is better described as a black sesame latte or a toasted sesame latte. It’s a gently sweet, nutty, creamy drink that’s well-suited for when you need something cosy. This particular coffee drink combines the nutty flavour of sesame with deliciously bitter espresso. It’s a relatively simple drink where you can prepare the sesame cream and combine all the elements.

Creamy, Nutty-Sesame Cream

The main role of this drink is the sesame cream, which consists of cream, condensed milk and sesame powder. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk until the ingredients combine and thicken. Do not make this super thick. You do not want whipped cream. Instead, you want to whisk just enough so the mixture stays separated from the coffee and milk to create layers in your cup.

Replacing sesame powder with homemade sesame paste

While sesame seeds are commonly found in the market, not all places have sesame powder. We head down to Phoon Huat for ours, thus as a replacement, you can make your own sesame paste instead. Combine black sesame seeds with honey and blend into a fine, thick paste. You do not want any seeds remaining. While the flavour was delicious, the texture was not very pleasant. On a side note, when shopping for black sesame seeds, make sure to buy the unhulled variety. You can buy hulled black sesame, but it removes all the good nutrients and makes the seeds more bitter.

How do I make this Latte?

First of all, what is a latte? A latte refers to a coffee drink made with espresso, steamed milk and foam. However, this time we decided to spice things up and replace the foam with delicious sesame cream.

  • Choosing your milk; while you can just grab any milk, there are times we like to use oat milk or soy milk as it is also a great alternative in terms of health benefits or taste too.
  • Top it with the delicious sesame cream we mentioned above, you can prepare it ahead and store it in a mason jar and keep it in the fridge for up to 3 days.
  • For this particular recipe, we used our espresso machine – Essenza Mini that we have. It is sleek and light for a small kitchen like us and easy to operate. We use our favourite blend from Starbucks.

Now that you have your 3 elements ready, you can assemble them together. Start with adding ice to the glass, then add milk, followed by topping it with the black sesame cream mixture. Finally, gently pour the prepared espresso over the ice to create a layered effect.

Benefits of Sesame

Sesame seeds are a good source of healthy fats, protein, B vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and other beneficial plant compounds. Regularly eating substantial portions of these seeds — not just an occasional sprinkling on a burger bun — may aid blood sugar control, combat arthritis pain, and lower cholesterol. To optimize your nutrient intake, you can eat sesame seeds soaked, roasted, or sprouted. And this time you can use it in your drink!

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xoxo, Joe

Sesame Latte


  • 1/4 cup black sesame powder

  • 6-8 oz oat milk (or milk of choice)

  • 5-6 ice cubes, or enough to fill half glass

  • Sesame Cream
  • 4 tbsp of heavy cream

  • 1 tbsp of condensed milk

  • 2 tbsp of sesame powder


  • Combine all the ingredients for sesame cream in a bowl and whisk until the ingredients combine and thicken.
  • Add ice to the glass. Then add milk. Pour in black sesame cream mixture. Finally, gently pour the prepared espresso over the ice to create a layered effect.

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