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A Dreamy Mid Autumn Festival

Happy Mid Autumn festival everyone – especially for those who have sweet tooths must be celebrating. It’s time most of us almost forgot all about the dieting rules and nibble with all kind of mooncakes and sweets. There are lots of variety these days, from the traditional ones to the snow skin mooncakes. This year we challenged both of it and both win hearts from the crowds. 

Walk down the memory lane, I remember it used to be our favourite festival where on an actual day our granny brings us around the neighbourhood in the evening where we get to gather around with other children to show off our beautiful lantern. 

There are years we purchase the most expensive cartoon lantern and there are also years that our parent encourages us to make our own Pomelo lantern (it is similar to the idea of pumpkin lamp during the Halloween). 

This year onward would be difficult for us to celebrate with our granny anymore, but it reminds us the happy memories we shared with her. However, our traditional celebration will never change. This year we will be celebrating the mid-autumn festival with homemade snow skin mooncake, lantern, and pomelo dandelion tea.

A little different from the usual year, this year we made our very own mooncake and pomelo tea. We have a fun time as we get to enjoy spending the time making the mooncake with my family members.

One of the cons in homemade food that it is healthy at the same time low in cost. There is the time where I am so tempted to get the store made moon cake, however, they are all too expensive. So why not made them, at the same time enjoying ever moments with your family?

As we stayed in Chinatown, every year they are this celebration at the neighborhood. They are a light display and a cracker performance, it is also crowded with people. Nevertheless, with 23 years of experiencing it, we decided to give it a pass this time. Therefore, this year we will be spending time with the moon tonight.

Wishing you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

xoxo, Angela.

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