A perfect picnic for a Easter Day!

Last year we have our Easter Tea Party at home with few of our friend. Although it is our virgins experience but a good one. Thus this year we want to make it even better. This time of year, the urge to go outside increases by the day. There’s more sunlight, birds are chirping and, flowers blooming. What better way to welcome spring than with a picnic prepared from the heart? Therefore, we are going to prepare a picnic for Easter’s Day!

The first thing when it comes to preparation of picnics is to decide a venue. The wonder of the picnic is that you can enjoy it just about anywhere. Taking the advantage of living in Singapore this beautiful city, we decided to head down to Garden by the Bay.

It’s a must to keep your picnic simple for transportation. As it may take awhile to reach those isolated picnic spots (which happened to us). Thus we are very happy that we found super cute picnic basket and lined with fabric down the Arab Street. These help us to ensure all picnic foods are easy to transport and not too heavy to carry. Let’s be honest, though – the real difference between a good picnic and a half-baked one lies in what’s in the basket.

For us, we start to set a theme for the picnic we have decided on Mediterranean. Forgo the usual pastel and vintage theme for Easter. We are drawn to warm texture and blue decorative accents. These accents remind us the sea and sky which compromise the greens well. The blankets and utensils are one of the main items we got to help achieve this theme.

This thin covers we purchased at Spotlight where it caught our eyes when we first spotted are the best buy we ever have. We also found these set of enamel dinner white plate with blue rim and cups are also one of the main items for this picnic.

Since it is Easter we decided to use egg as our main ingredient for food. For us, we like to choose foods that served all at the same time. As the fun of a picnic is to spread all the food on the blanket and let everyone laze around, helping themselves. Let’s have some tips for you before we share you the rest of our easter picnic!

  • Plan carefully how much food you may eat. Take too much and you have to carry it all back.
  • Enamel plates – light, unbreakable and much more practical than paper ones. For a start, they don’t go soggy when you put dressed salad on them. However, you can still opt for paper or plastic plates and cutlery as easier to carry.
  • Wet wipes and bin bags. You never think you’ll need them, but you always do – picnics are messy! Make sure the perfect picnic spot remains a perfect picnic spot.
  • The sun may shine so take sunglasses and sun block.
  • A good, reliable bug spray, just in case.

Let’s start with our main dish Salmon Spinach Pie, it seems a little fancier than it really is. This golden brown of a Salmon Spinach Pie with a Lattice top, juicy filling and all are a beauty. And guess what? We all do love it! Most importantly it easily comes together in just under 60 mins. Avoid ice cream, sticky puddings, and cakes – apart from that, they are fragile to transport wasps and other insects love them. This pie tastes great and transport easily, we never regard on having these Salmon Spinach Pie.

How could you miss out Deviled Egg for Easter’s Day? Deviled eggs are pure genius. As they take hard-cooked eggs and elevate them into an elegant bite that’s worthy of any appetizer plate. From spring picnics to Easter brunch, afternoon snack time to Sunday supper. It surely is the crowd-pleasing party snack on that day.

A big bowl of hand-prepped mixed salad, ready to dress is a must for this spring – Kale, Grapefruit, and Honey Roasted Cashew Salad. After having all the egg-ish dishes these citrus salad are the best for this Spring season. Moreover, the citrus is the most common and affordable all seasonal fruits. Being an indispensable source of nutrients, they help the body to maintain its immune function.

We also prepare milk pudding and watermelon for our desserts and to quiche our thirst under the warm weather. Insert this wooden ice cream sticks to the watermelon ensure that we have a better grip on it without getting our fingers dirty. We never forever our choice of drink and snack for this picnic.

End off the preparation by getting some flowers for the picnics. We even hand made some of the flower wealth hair accessories to spice up the picnic. These flower wealth hair accessories are easy to made. All you need are a fresh flower, wires, and some twisting and you are good to go. Leave us a comment if you would love to have a tutorial. 

We really have a lot of fun on that day, enjoying the food and the companion. Chatting and each other is all we needed.

We hope this gives you a few ideas as to what to take to your next picnic and also a little insight into my world and how we do a picnic. Hope you like them! Share with us your version! Take a photo of yours, send us an email, tag us on Instagram, tweet us, anything. We love to see yours! A Happy devil, and let us know what else you come up with!

xoxo, Joe

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