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A day in London could be satisfying without spending many pounds with friends. I recalled that it was a perfect Sunday – it one of my favourite day during my trip to London. I could never forget about the beautiful Sunday while I was travelling alone as well as with great companies.

11:00 am – Buckingham Palace

I start the day by heading out alone to Buckingham Palace. The crowds were massive but get to watch the exchange guards from far which is very blessing. The day before – Saturday was super cold after snowing. Thus the Sunday was very cold, due to the cold weather my hand is freezing. I passed by several places like the St James Park.

My plan was to head down to Kensington but end up I found myself at Trafalgar Square and I even got myself a glove for about 9£ (which I don’t care the price for that moment). Was hungry and craving for fish and chips but due to St Patrick day everywhere, were packed! Still, I am not going starve myself, I grab my lunch at a cafe and warm myself up.

12:00 pm – Leicester Square

Find me toward Leicester Square to beautiful seven dials around convent garden. I just randomly discover my way down to The British Museum. When I thought that I will be searching my way for a bit fo time. Anyway, I was 45 mins early but I can’t be bothered as I just want to hide in the Starbucks before Laura (my Instagram friend where I am going to meet) arrived!

2:00 pm – British Museum

We finally met, and it’s just natural all time. It’s not too strange to meet new friends via Instagram at all now, maybe we have been chatting long enough to feel easier. The trip to British Museum was amazing, the artifact is massive and both of us are in awe! This is the first time she came in 3 years time.

We just simply walk through all rooms and amazed with the artifact, especially the Egypt sectors. We spend great few hours inside and the moment we head out we were both shocks with the sudden snow!

I got to do a shot photo of the beautiful lady in the snow and each image turn out great! Definitely, a place to create pictures and memories.

5:00 pm – Convent Garden

Well, what to do when we are hungry? We went to Homeslice Neal’s Yard at convent garden for dinner. They served fresh pizza from the wood-fired oven. We order a whole 20-inch which is enough to feed us two just right. They’ll even let you have more than one choice of the topping selections if you ask nicely.

8:00 pm – Oxford Street + Carnaby Street

A dinner is never great to end the day. Thus, we went to an old English bar with great music. Had supper at Shoryu Carnaby. They offer a huge range of rich, cream pork-broth ramen and amazing sides. It’s a great place to chill and chit-chat with your friend, this is what I did.

11:00 pm – Hampstead

Home sweet home/

“Despite the snowing, the Spring is coming!”

“Local bar was fully packed due to St Patrick day”

“I love this shot of Laura (@elepunto) the most, don’t you find she adorable.”

Homeslice Neal’s Yard (Seven Dials)
13 Neal’s Yard, London WC2H 9DP, UK

xoxo, Angela.

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