A Paint Portrait / Project 52

Week 24 | Project 52

Title: Dear Yvonne
Instagram’s account: @ yv8ne

If you noticed, I have been struggling to post the portrait every Wednesday now and then. Essentially I have been pre-occupied with works beginning of each week. Therefore, I believed that I might be posting on Thursday for a period of time. 

Back a while back, I’ve painted lots of amazing individuals and friends yet I couldn’t believe that I have left out a friend like her that played a big part in my life.

I met her 5 years back and I couldn’t be believed she converted me by inspired me “be free” with my life. She is a free soul, I admired her all the time, despite the difference we might have. She taught me to positive and happy despite the challenge fall onto me. It’s always hard to say but when you actually practice it with a friend like her, life seems happier and easier to pass by each day,

xoxo, Angela

Illustration | Angela Leong

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