A Paint Portrait / DESIGN / Project 52

Week 3 | Project 52

Title: Dear Vanessa (Yong)
Instagram’s account: @vanessayhm

Believe or not, never complain the time you got. You should never ever get worried about having more time to rest whenever you can. If you worried too much, your biggest nightmare will come and hunt for your time. Well, that sort of happened to me.

I planned to have a slow July and have a break and hopes that I would never occur new challenges coming in my way. Nonetheless, that is not the case. The thing is that I should have long prepared, being as a freelance designer. However, right now my stamina just too exhausted for anything else. Still, I will do my best for the new challenges.

This week the portrait that I would like to dedicate to this sweet, considerate young lady – Vanessa, one of the sweetest girl I ever know. I have a great time working with her, someone who always reminds me of taking care of my health and listen to my silliness. While painting her lovely smile, it just cheer my day up.

Times, I felt that I’m the luckiest person in the world, although I do think I deserve all this love around me.

Happy Wednesday!
xoxo, Angela

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