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Week 33 | A Paint Portrait



Title: Dear ZiPeng
Instagram’s account: @zippyzipeng

As an artist, designer, most of us fears of “plagiarism” (neither ways is unforgivable). Although we have the skills, it couldn’t be stolen away, however, the hard work we spent on the works just priceless. When someone just took it as their it just ridiculous.

With the access to technology, it has been always terrifying to know that people grabbing images online and claims that belong to theirs.  I believed people nearby us all encountered this issue. This is an unforgiving act of stealing, it belongs and solely to the artist, designer, and the talent individuals. As a part of the community, nobody should be tolerance for such acts.

Hence, this issue shall not be the fear in us to know great good people out there in the cyber world. This week, I would love to share this portrait that I’ve painted for  Zi Peng. He is a great adventurer who in love with trying new food, traveling places, and meeting new people. With a great personality that I respect with! Do check out his Instagram!

xoxo, Angela.

Illustration | Angela Leong

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